La Pelota · Via Palermo 10 (Brera) · 20121 Milano

It is the third time that Advantage Austria (AWO) is organising a special show for Austrian furniture and product design at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile. Austrian Design – raw and delicate is the motto chosen for this presentation. J. & L. LOBMEYR presents itsunique relationship with Adolf Loos and its reference projects throughout the last century until our times. The Drinking set no. 248, created by architect Loos in 1931 is a perfect example of his clear and uncompromising concept of form and  will be shown at Raw and Delicate. Another outstanding object by Loos will be at display: during a research on the mentioned series by the Austrian architects Hubmann&Vass, a tiny sketch of a Champagne cooler was found on the back of a business card. This cooler has been realized and will also be on show.
Lobmeyr has been known to work with the most outstanding artists of its times for almost 200 years. An offspring of this attitude is also the recent collaboration with the internationally renowned graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister, who was inspired by Adolf Loos’ correspondence with Lobmeyr and created the Drinking set no. 248 “Sagmeister on Loos” in reference to a quote by Loos . The set will also be shown at the exhibition.

INSTANT STORIES – Berlin Milano 2012
DRINKING SET no. 283 “Fortune” by MARK BRAUN
Ventura Lambrate · “Overlite” Via Privata Oslavia 8 · Milano-Lambrate

Mark Braun has been running his own design studio in Berlin since 2006. “I want to design things that seem familiar to people, although they are new” said Mark Braun in explaining his philosophy of design.
The carafe has been designed during Vienna Design Week 2010, when 21 Austrian rivers, lakes and glaciers have been engraved into its surface. 2011 the project has been expanded by an international series. It is about celebrating the value of the simple and the natural, like drinking water or crafted things.
This year the carafe has been expanded by a set of tumblers. The new drinking set No. 283 “Fortune” with a golden dot is presented as an installation by Mark Braun at the Instant Stories project in Milano Lambrate.

MEET IN MILANO 2012 –  in cooperation with Abitare Magazine
J. & L. LOBMEYR Glass series by MARCO DESSI for a Mercedes Benz Home Collection
Spazio Ansaldo · Via Tortona, 54 · Milano

Marco Dessi created for J. & L. LOBMEYR a series which is made for daily use. At Salone del Mobile the Italian designer shows his interpretation of these glasses for the Mercedes Benz Home Collection.

Austrian Cultural Forum, Milano Piazza del Liberty 8 · Milano

Tradition can sometimes create a barrier to innovation. “Everything was already there,” is the familiar complaint often from young design professionals. Leonid Rath, CEO of the nearly 200-year-old Viennese family J. & L. LOBMEYR is deeply committed to the archives of the glass manufacturer, which supplied the imperial court already and uses the knowledge of his ancestors for an adequate handling of contemporary design. In his presentation at the Forum Austriaco di Cultura, during the Salone Internationale del Mobile 2012, he will counsel the importance of a relaxed dealing with the past as a key aspect for the creation of new design.

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