Some less explored parts of 6th district Vienna, Austria

Following picture show one part of the Viennese 6th district which is not that popular even among the Viennese themselves. Lying between Mariahilferstrasse and Gumpendorferstrasse, this area ‘in the middle of nowhere’ keeps some small and nice secrets…

Erotic lingerie shop “for women” at Esterhazygasse

The lovely Café Jelinek, a traditional Viennese coffehouse, with the sunniest terrasse in this area, Otto-Bauer Gasse

A bit further is Loquaiplatz

…and Loquaipark, offering a small playground, surrounded by some beautiful old Viennese appartment houses!

A good example for a so called ‘neubau’ Webgasse/Liniengasse

A view on the St. Aegidius Church from Stumpergasse

And this is the sacred proof that spring in Vienna does exist…

Kurt Pint Platz is a nice place to hang out…

(St. Aegidius Church is in the back)

Moreover you can buy some eiscream or bakery stuff from around the corner and try not to feed the pigeons.

and to meet one of the Merciful Sisters.

Some local businesses at Gumpendorferstrasse

plus a good example for public art from the 1960s.

to be continued…

Pictures and story by Melody Sux, who eats her lunch occasionaly sitting in Kurt Pint Platz.

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