AskVienna at DIE CHIC BOUTIQUE – Kunst mit Funktion

Friday, 27th April 2012

Finally there is sun in Vienna, so AskVienna went to the opening of DIE CHIC BOUTIQUE – Kunst mit Funktion at DieAtsstellungstrasse in the second Viennese district.

Our photoreporter Melody Sux took the opportunity and made some pictures at Ausstellungstrasse, which is situated next to Prater at the so called Venediger Au.

A view to the Prater.

The garden of an abandoned Vietnamese restaurant at the Ausstellungsstrasse.


Our final destination: the exhibition space DIEAUSSTELLUNGSSTRASSE.

Installation View

Wall: Karine Fauchard

Floor: Kris Lemsalu; Wall: Karine Fauchard

T-shirts: Dejan Dukic, Background photograph: Chilo Eribene

Shelf (left to right): Lazar Lyutakov, Christine Kofler

Johanna Braun

Object: Parastu

Niki Weitzer

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