MODEPALAST Vienna is celebrating its 10th edition with 90 international designers guaranteeing new fashion discoveries.

AskVienna was at the official opening. Here’s what we saw!

Photos by Melody Sux.

With a sales exhibition and a diverse supporting programme, the event – not for nothing called the city’s largest temporary boutique – gives a large number of fashion fans the chance to get to know designers and their collections, including jewellery and accessories, both in person and in a concentrated manner.
The core theme MODEPALAST Green shows a powerful choice of visionary brands that are open to the future and distinguish themselves through their green approach, innovation and style. The theme of MODEPALAST
Generations is a choice of fashion designs for four generations.
Supported by Creativespace, an initiative launched by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, 20 young labels  presents themselves as MODEPALAST Newcomers.

Currently the fashion scene in Sofia is very dynamic and interesting. The MODEPALAST brings 20 absolutely must-see collections by Bulgarian designers to Vienna, curated by  IVAN ASEN 22 showroom

Here is what we noticed in the Bulgarian stand.

IVAN ASEN 22 presents recent works of the designers nelmit, YOD by Yana Dvoretska, Dinka Kasabova, Rosica Mrsic, Igor Ilijovski and Georgi Florov.

Neli Mitewa. Her brand is NELMIT and she is the founder of the showroom IVAN ASEN 22.

Igor Ilijovski

There were also individual presentations of various Bulgarian designers.

Alexander Gerginov (Ham & Eggs) with his Snake Jacket.

Neva Balnikova

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