Viennese Charms Part 1(14.&15. district)

Heading on foot to a rooftop party our reporter Melody Sux captured some lovely moments and places, a must see for both Viennese and their visitors.

A view to Märzstrasse from Kardinal -Rauscher Platz

The square is a meeting point for kids, youngsters and elderly people.

The famous café Augustin, offering strawberry bolée in a typical Viennese coffee house interior. (next to the church at Kardinal-Rauscher Platz.

more information about the shopping possibilities at Märzstrasse on:

Back from a shopping tour…


A view to Schönbrunn and Gloriette


After crossing Johnstrasse you are already in Penzing, 14th district. Caffe bar “Mastika”, named after the famous beverage, the Bulgarian/Serbian equivalent  of the Greek “Uzo” and the Turkish “Raki”.

A café at Goldschlagstrasse

A view to the southern parts of Vienna…

Pics and story by Melody Sux.

to be continued

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