Vasilena Gankovska feat PERFEKT WORLD

As a painter and artist, Vasilena Gankovska concerns herself with all things urban – from metropolitan landscapes, skylines and architectural constructs to the city as a social domain and place of interaction and contrasts. For Gankovska, a walk through the city is more like a “clue-finding” mission. While others might describe it as wandering, or even drifting, the artist prefers to think of her artistic meandering as “situational action,” since she is always in search of a motif or situation that correlates with a particular experience or evokes a certain mood. Afterwards, she processes the gathered clues and translates them into a simplified, pictogram-like visual language, which she uses to create paintings consisting of intriguing colored fragments. The works have a timeless quality about them, yet are easily identifiable as being from the recent past. At the same time, they possess autobiographical traits that challenge the viewer to place the artist’s perspective and experiences under closer scrutiny. Vasilena Gankovska’s intent of finding a fitting display form for the exhibition, as well as the right means of communicating with viewers, led her to invite the artist collective PERFEKT WORLD to collaborate with her. The result is a spatial installation that creates atmosphere through the use of light and projections, while at the same time provoking memories, feelings and images. In this fashion, the installation thematizes urban spaces and the experiences that we all make within these spaces.

Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012/Wednesday, May 30, 2012
19.30 Uhr/7.30 pm

Hilger contemporary , Dorotheergasse 5 (Gassenlokal/ground floor)
1010 Wien/Vienna

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