Sunday Morning at Favoritenstrasse part 1 “From Gürtel to Keplerplatz”

Favoritenstrasse is the shopping street of Favoriten, the 10th district, which is popular with places like The Bohemian Prater, the thermal center Oberlaa and recently with the new cultural venue at the location of the former Anker Bread Factory.

Known as a typical Viennese ‘labourer district’, nowadays it is famous for its inhabitants from all over the world, the tiny Turkish shops and kinky fashion parlors ‘made in China’.

Favoritenstrasse itself is one of the fewest pedestrian streets in Vienna. A walk along it on a nice Sunday morning gives the impression, that one is not in Vienna anymore, but heading to the Central Beach of the Bulgarian sea capital Varna.

Pics and story by Melody Sux.


Bahnorama is a tower from wich you can observe the construction site of the new Central Railway Station, one of the biggest urban projects running in Vienna at the moment.


A typical residential housing at Favoritenstrasse


There are many small cafés, which names tell immediately a whole story about the owner and maybe suggest, what you can find there: here perhaps you can even have the infamous Turkish coffee…


Fashion parlors with a Parisian touch? Definitely you can find inside some interesting stuff.




No, this is not a fan store of Apple, rather a fast-food bar.


Another dejavue for our photographer: Keplerplatz.



to be continued…

Yours, Melody

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