“Everday Discoveries. International Design House Exhibition”
Exhibition, September 6 – 16, 2012
In Helsinki Austrian design can be seen in several events. First of all it takes part in the core exhibition of “Everyday Discoveries” and the exhibits give a great overview from Austrian design history to top notch innovation – a selection which very well describes the wide range of achievements. 20 Nations show works in the field of design, illustration and fashion. Austria is presenting products and projects by Michael Thonet, Patrick Rampelotto & Fritz Pernkopf, Polka, Marco Dessí, Thomas Feichtner, dottings, mischer’traxler, Lisbeth Zwerger, EOOS/Eawag and Susanne Bisovsky.

“WerkStadt Vienna. Design Engaging the City”
Exhibition, September 6 – 16, 2012
WerkStadt Vienna – Design Engaging the City is a traveling exhibition by the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK in cooperation with the MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art, curated by Sophie Lovell, that presents examples of fruitful collaborations between international designers and local manufacturers of the past six years. The exhibition has been designed by Makkink&Bey, with Hansje van Halem responsible for the graphic design.

Austrian Day
September 13, 1 pm to midnight
In hosting the Austrian Day, Austria will be contributing a powerful design statement to the programme of Everyday Discoveries organizing this day to be full of events: tours of the core and satellite exhibitions and the official opening of the two exhibitions, Austrian Design Showcases and AustriaDesignNet in containers in the Suvilahti exhibition zone. The day’s highlight will be the Design Interchange Workshop, which will consist of presentations by Austrian design companies and personal B2B meetings with potential clients from Finland. The day will close with a party, AustrianDesignNite, with refreshments, snacks, great music, and visuals made in Austria.

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