Kontraste Festival 2012 this weekend in Krems, Lower Austria

If you want to spend the weekend outside of Vienna and you are interested in sound experimentations: performances, sound walks, films and lectures, you can go to Krems and be part of Kontraste Festival 2012. Under the motto “Electric Shadows” the curatorial team of the festival conceived a vast programm including a “cutting-edge sonic and audiovisual experiments”. The theme “Electric Shadows” refers to the fact that humans can perceive only a narrow part of the electromagnetic waves we are surrounded by. So as the organizers point out “Reality is teeming with electromagnetism, and the universe is full of dark matter and dark energy. Art alludes to these unknowns and functions as an instrument to make them perceivable in a mediated or metaphorical form, presenting ‘electric shadows’ of unexplored phenomena that exist beyond our perception.”

When: 12th till 14th October 2012

Where: Krems an der Donau, Lower Austria

The complete program as well as other information on:



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