VIENNA ART WEEK 2012 starting on 19th November

From 19th to 25th November many art and culture institution in the Austrian capital will be hosting VIENNA ART WEEK 2012

Exhibition, Artist’s Studio Talks, Guided Tours, Conferences, Talks and diskussions will take place all over the city.

One of the main events, the exhibition PREDICTING MEMORIES is curated by Robert Punkenhofer, the artistic director of VIENNA ART WEEK  and Ursula-Maria Probst, freelance curator

Opening: Monday, 19th November

Start: 6 p.m. with performances by  Doug Fishbone, Anna Mitterer & Katherina Olschbaur, Lilo Nein und Suzie Léger and talks with Doug Fishbone, Terenece Gower und Fariba Hajamdi

Venue: former K. K. Telegrafenamt, Börseplatz 1, Vienna,  1st district

You can check the entire program of VIENNA ART WEEK on:

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