Croatia as it is bags are not accessories for special occasions. You can wear them during the day and during the night, leave them on the road, beach or grass or fill them with manuals, glass bottles and groceries or stuff them with wet beach towels. These bags are resistent and multipurpose, created for attracting attention and carrying around heavy loads. If they look a bit dirty and worn out after a while — do not worry. They will still look cool.

If you really have to, the best way to clean Croatia as it is bags is to apply a wet sponge and mild detergent. You can also wash them in the washing machine in cold water and upside-down. If possible, choose a slow spin program. After the wash the bags will not look as new, but the graphic print should remain persistent. If you notice some damage (even the moment you buy it), that is perfectly OK. Just bear in mind the fact that they were made from potato bags.

Authors of the concept Croatia as it is are Croatian visual communication designers Ira Payer, Maša Poljanec and Andro Giunio, gathered in an informal collective called Superstudio based in Zagreb. They work as a team, individually and in collaboration with other authors, mainly on projects in the field of architecture, culture and urban culture — visual identities, books, newspapers, magazines, etc. They are very active on the Croatian design scene and have achieved many domestic and international rewards for their work.


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