Story Selling 2


For second time Story Selling is a guest in a trendy location and displays unusual kind of  fashion & product design .
More than just a pop -up, Storyselling encourages the public to interact with the designers through the inspiration and creativity that is behind their works .

The goal is to create an independent and personal mix of styles that bridges the gap between mainstream and cutting edge.

Designers & Labels : Louise Walleneit . birthday suits ; Patrizia Donà.laboratoriodona ; Vesna Kracanovic ; meredithex ; Sophie Burrough ; Michal Wójciak ; Dejan Dukic ; Tatjana Hardikov ; Bernd Dressen . artshock .

Opening: Thursday, April 10. 2014, 19:00

From 11 to 13.04.14, 11:00-19:30

Margaretenstrasse 45
A-1040 Wien

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