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Croatia as it is bags are not accessories for special occasions. You can wear them during the day and during the night, leave them on the road, beach or grass or fill them with manuals, glass bottles and groceries or stuff them with wet beach towels. These bags are resistent and multipurpose, created for attracting attention and carrying around heavy loads. If they look a bit dirty and worn out after a while — do not worry. They will still look cool.

If you really have to, the best way to clean Croatia as it is bags is to apply a wet sponge and mild detergent. You can also wash them in the washing machine in cold water and upside-down. If possible, choose a slow spin program. After the wash the bags will not look as new, but the graphic print should remain persistent. If you notice some damage (even the moment you buy it), that is perfectly OK. Just bear in mind the fact that they were made from potato bags.

Authors of the concept Croatia as it is are Croatian visual communication designers Ira Payer, Maša Poljanec and Andro Giunio, gathered in an informal collective called Superstudio based in Zagreb. They work as a team, individually and in collaboration with other authors, mainly on projects in the field of architecture, culture and urban culture — visual identities, books, newspapers, magazines, etc. They are very active on the Croatian design scene and have achieved many domestic and international rewards for their work.



Nike Men’s Air Vortex Vintage Sneaker Fall/Winter 2012

The Nike Men’s Air Vortex Vintage Sneaker for Fall/winter ’12

Devised in the mid 1980s as part of Nike’s ground-breaking V-Series, the Vortex running shoe was an instant classic and popular amongst runners who appreciated its advanced cushioning. Re-issued by the brand decades later, the Vortex Vintage has all the popular hallmarks of the original and is given an authentic vintage finish to match the retro style.

Crafted with a comfortable nylon and suede upper, the sneaker features a thickly cushioned sole unit with a vintage effect wash across the midsole, to give it an authentic aged feel. The sneaker is finished with bold pink Nike branding on the heel and swoosh down each side.

A Louis Vuitton Gun Grip, Really?

If there’s ever a good time to announce a new gun grip, this is definitely not it, given the events in Aurora. Nonetheless, a Las Vegas lounge and gun range called Machine Guns Vegas has released this grip in a Louis Vuitton monogram style. We’re not sure how that’s even possible since it looks like the house is in no way involved. A press release also talks about their “gun girls” having previous gun or military experience, so Machine Guns Vegas could also be a strip joint. Who knows, everything about it is in unbelievably poor taste.


Last weekend half of Vienna gathered in the beer factory Ottakringer. Here was this year FESCH’MARKT.
Everyone had the opportunity to consider and buy designer clothes, jewelery, accessories and even a bicycle.

Blame for our good mood were the DJ’s. The Bio-Ice cream and delicious pastries in the afternoon were able to make us even more sweet…
Here are some photos of  the event.

A large amount of stands were located in this industrial area
This year the focus is the bicycles and accessories for them
A penguin on the T-shirt by MEREDITH EX
Stamps for everyone!
Hipp Style T-shirts
The jewellery LAAM & NUN interprets oriental traditions
Our favoriteT- shirts by Cancont Rollers
Even the sandwiches were designed
Photos by Melody Sux

AskVienna party # 1 – What happened?

AskVienna’s first party is already in the past.
Last Thursday we launched a new kind of periodic parties in Vienna.

The place was our favorite Club U.

The guests were some of the coolest guys who we know!

The party started with the music of our favorite DJane Elsa Okazaki

Then we showed for the first time in Europe, part of the Lina Plioplyte’s film – Advanced Style

The big surprise was the launch of the label LA GEORGETTA

The incredible performance by Georgetta

Finally DJ Ever also played his crazy music
The next party AskVienna – coming soon!

Milla Jovovich’s New Single!

It’s been 18 years since Milla Jovovich released her first — and only — album, The Divine Comedy, but the model-actress-singer is making up for lost time with an upcoming EP set to be released this August.

“It’s really exciting, it’s fun,” Jovovich said of the music-making process. “It was me and my two closest friends. We just did it in my home studio on the computer. So it’s very synth pop, or electronic.”

The album’s first single, Electric Sky hit YouTube a few days ago, and though there’s no corresponding imagery yet, there will be soon. “We are going to shoot a video,” Jovovich assured. “We’re doing a video in a couple weeks that we’ll also put out for free.”

Until then, have a first listen here!


by Edwina Hörl and Andreas Seibert

The Impossible Project Space Vienna shows a unique exhibition that flows contemplation of loss and recovery from May 29 until June 16. So far only presented at the Impossible Project Space Tokyo, this fashion project will now be exhibited for the first time in Europe within 12 festival for fashion & photography.

涙 – NAMIDA combines a unique blend of fashion and analog instant photography, created by the Austrian fashion designer Edwina Hörl and the Swiss photographer Andreas Seibert. The choice for Impossible instant film was a purposive one, as a working bases with chemical alterations it reflects the transiency tangibles.

Last year’s Tsunami in Japan forcefully confronted us with this transiency of things, destroying the life’s of thousands of people. The fashion project 涙 – NAMIDA (tears) was especially created for Japan and is dedicated to those people who are still suffering of natural catastrophe’s severe impacts.

The dramatical voids in the lifes of the affected people are reflected in the photography exhibition. Tokyo based photographer Andreas Seibert created collages with the single instant images, inevitably creating gaps and voids which leave an incomplete impression and reflect the experience of the people in Japan.

June 02-16, Impossible Project Space Vienna, Kaiserstraße 74, 1070 Vienna